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I live in North Carolina and had a HVAC repair done while I was at work and my wife was at home. I do not know much about HVAC, and felt as if he had entrusted it took too technical 1. 5 hours. My gas furnace, located in the attic, was not cutting in when you turn on the thermostat. You could hear the click system, but then there is no fan or heat cut back on. It is a Carrier system that is about 10 years old. The technician said that graphite Ignitor was broken and needed replacing and the flame sensor also change. He said he charge a flat parts / installation, and do not work the hours of work based off etc. At first he said he could probably take 3 hours. Next thing I know, my wife told me she was done, and that was about 1. 5 hours. The total price of the door was $ 600. If any professional in the field can give me an idea of whether this was a reasonable price, I would greatly appreciate it. What I discovered was – you do not agree, when I go on calls also have a fixed price. I do not sell my clients the parts cost me, I paid 75 a piece for those. I however, only charge a 150 work for that job. So, yes, I think it overpaid, unless it was an emergency call. Even then. That is high.

Do not try this at home. HVAC For Commercial use only. Yours sincerely This video shows the diagnosis of a low refrigerant charge and treating the problem. XX Meeting. . .

Updated: May 1, 2014 — 2:35 pm
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