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Just wondering how our local rates compared to other areas. I live in southern Michigan. Last year I had to have replaced our oven igniter. Bill was $ 249. 85 uses the same company this summer for our central air checked. They checked over the entire system for $ 99 special. It was found that the capacitor in the air conditioning compressor change because some readings that showed me his meter was too low. To replace the capacitor was another $ 234. 00 total bill again check and condenser, $ 333. 00 Is this comparable to what others are watching or should I start looking for another HVAC repair technician? I guess my concern condenser replacement was that he was here for checking. The company form he showed me that listed several different things including "capacitors" was at $ 234. 00 section. But is not that if I came to do this work? Since I was here for the screening, which was no service call. It seems to me that should have been $ 234 less the $ 99 and did it for $ 135 not $ 333. Was it Taken to another technology of air conditioning and told me that the capacitors cost them around $ 27. $ 234 less $ 27 who want to earn $ 207 for the call. Basically … Do no more business with him. Hes a liar and a cheat. Do not hire one or Aabc ABC or any of those guys. The name of his city say it's mountain. Call Mountain H @ C co. You have been fooled enough. End it now.

Do not try this at home. HVAC For Commercial use only. Yours sincerely This video shows the diagnosis of a low refrigerant charge and treating the problem. XX Meeting. . .

Updated: April 26, 2014 — 5:36 am
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