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We have a 2200 sqft house in eastern North Carolina. The Zone Board in the AC off on trying to install a programmable theromostat (long story). The repair cost is $ 890 (new council area), plus $ 378 per two programmable therostats, plus $ 167 for a management contract a year to come and service 2x per year. Would it be better to buy a whole new unit or just fix the old. Our unit is 5 years old. Current drive is a Gibson air handler and heat pump. Currently we have an outdoor unit and something in the attic. Thank you. Basically … Yes, fix it, you still have 15 years left functioning in that, if you have a good PM contract, how ever I think I would shop around for a better price in the repair, which sounds a bit High, do they sing or dance or thermostats first kiss in the morning? For that price it better do anything, a good soft should not be more than 90 to 100 dollars at most, the council area is about 100 dollars, the SVC. For a year, ask what would be a svc call, or does that include any parts used when they come? The condensing unit is outside and airhandler is in the attic and by the way, did you ck the fuse in the old board? Most all carry three plates. 5-5 amp fuse plug for that very reason, ojas me before you let anyone do anything for him. I've been doing this (working ac) for 25 years and I smell a rat

Do not try this at home. HVAC For Commercial use only. Yours sincerely This video shows the diagnosis of a low refrigerant charge and treating the problem. XX Meeting. . .

Updated: April 11, 2014 — 1:44 am
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