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I have had seven knee operations, which gives me a limit to how much I can lift / carry me, how long you can stand, and while I might be on a ladder. That limits me greatly in the repair and air conditioning, are quite forgiving or physical requirements I only deal with the aches and pains? For reference, my left knee is about 70 years old, and my right is like 60 years of age. I am only 25 and would like to find something that can make a career out of. You know what I found? Home repairs would be quite easy, even the units are so great if you would have to install them. It is, if you have to make commercial facilities that the problem would come in. Repair them usually is not too bad and the facilities are usually more than a man would be so helpful. So for most of them could be easy enough, but is that occasionally they may want to be able to count on you, so that may be the problem. I hope you get better responses from anyone in the field, but if you do not try to contact a local dealer, in that to see if it would give five minutes of your time to talk to you. Someone who is viewing a list to get into something because they want to work would be a plus, plus you can even have any suggestions on what can be a better option for you. As sales or work parts. It may not be what you want, but it may be a better fit.

Do not try this at home. HVAC For Commercial use only. Yours sincerely This video shows the diagnosis of a low refrigerant charge and treating the problem. XX Meeting. . .

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