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Okay Im living in the state of florida im 17 and want to go to college for hvac've now seen the numbers but I am very skeptical about anything I'm 20k in the hole so I am looking for information on people living in the Florida / california / hawaii ask me this because they have the same climate or near what I want to know how much they will buy begiiners (I) workers with experience also got me exspect 30 or 20 im time in the range of 13 to 17 learners and conditions as the study and would have to follow rules about learning new things, such as refrigerants and would not be aloud to use as an example and the possibilities of I hired in my state are so are times that work mainly likey. Today I learned that … HVAC is more than just air conditioning and is just as great in colder climates, as it is in warm climates. Salaries vary within a state by region, based on the cost of living and position or title, as well as their experience and knowledge. Indeed. Com shows the most jobs in Florida from 30 thousand and the number of jobs that publishes start to decrease as you increase in salary with only 18 listings 110K +. Even if you are the brightest guy and there was a considerable amount of knowledge related to HVAC I would expect to see about $ 15 an hour at least. Again, depending on your point already told you how much top out depend. Maybe one day you move into an aspect of engineering that pays well in the range of 6 figures. 608 EPA is required to manage and buy coolant national CERT. It is a very basic test once you have some experience and / or have studied the material. Probably this is something that will be included in your school. Also one of the common requirements that is needed is a 06A supply (limited energy). Unfortunately this requires the accumulation of man-hours worked with someone who currently owns the license. Depending on your town or area where you may be required to be licensed refrigeration or other mechanical licenses, you would have to look into that for your area. Although the Montreal Protocol included in the study materials and testing for EPA certification is more important is what requirements are needed when working with a cooling system, such as system leaks, vacuum cleaners achievable, ventilation, etc. The possibilities that are hired are all variables at this point. Depends on the availability of work and yourself, how well you interview, what positions are willing to accept inexperienced, etc. If you are willing to start at the bottom of the chain and then work your way depends on what you will earn experience and knowledge will determine the positions you are qualified for. At your age it is difficult, you are at the point where you think you need to pick something up at the bar with her. This is not necessarily the case. For example: I served in the military right highschool, I ended up working in electronics after discharge, and transition to HVAC after 5 years of electronics. Last year I left a post of HVAC mechanical service to move closer to my home town for personal reasons. I had offers for different positions of a technical electronics instrumentation technician air service again, a facilities engineer, and finally a position representative of the manufacturing factory of air conditioning equipment. HVAC is a broad trade and technology is constantly advancing. You are only limited by what you can do to draw a line on what you are willing to learn.

Updated: April 27, 2014 — 2:48 am
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