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Hello, nine years ago we had Owens Corning 30 yr Architectural shingles installed in our house, 2,400 sqaure foot house and a large garage, our roof has a high pitch and three dormers. There are cracks from all our roof and many, many black horizontal lines with absolutely no granules and granules coming out in the gutters. I'm so upset, this was a great tile and last long. They have had an adjuster as well as three reputable roofers look at the ceiling and they all say it is a manufacturing defect. What is the best way to deal with Owens Corning to talk about my problem? The warranty says it was ten full labor and replacing the tiles, not the layer below or tearoff. OC also says when vented soffit and ridge vent on the roof that is not enough??? The roofing companies here say that this is the most common acceptable method of ventilation and attic vents do not need too. Please give some advice, I'm at my wits end, I just had to take big pay cut to keep the work, the wife is sick, and now told my thrity yr roof needs replaced. Today I went and looked, and is in very bad condition, please advise. I am an honest man and I hope that they are behind this problem tile. I was happy to learn … I used to do a lot of money as a contractor asphalt roof. I had to stop once I realized what is about to find out. When I left most of my work was beginning to be 10 year old houses. The quality of asphalt shingles has been reduced significantly in the last twenty years, as the price has increased steadily. Manufacturers of these products hire lawyers to create their guarantees in a way which appears on the surface as a guarantee, but actually cover anything. The installer does not cause early failure means more work for them. On the other hand, now just install permanent roofs and sell them in the U.S. Is almost impossible. Customers always want cheap, cheap, cheap and almost never do much actual research on different roofs. Permanent roofs are always cheaper in the long run, but Walmart shoppers do not know anything about the long term anyway. There is nothing that you can offer in terms of help from others unless you are one of those. 001% of Americans who believe in personal responsibility. You would have to admit that you have bought the cheapest available roof. Then you have to admit I found his materials together with your contractor with the lowest price in mind. That's why you find a contractor who helped him get into this mess and did not help to prevent. Then you have to admit you've been wrong and maybe this time you will begin to learn something that makes it all worth it in the "long term." Open to this kind of honesty will create a whole new way for you that will enable you to learn more and help avoid such problems in the future more than ceilings. No pain, no gain. Even as shingler never used to mess with brands such as Owens Corning. They just do not make quality products. The reason you've heard of them is because they make cheap products sold by big box stores. I'm sad for you, but at the same time if you would have had an offer from a guy like me who is actually trying to help, it is very likely that I would have canceled all together. Look, there will always be scammers and they will scam you because they just want your money. And even though we are currently involved in the complete tyranny, in a constitutional republic there is no safety net to freedom. It's up to you to educate and protect yourself. I know you look around and all their neighbors are doing, the stores are selling, etc, but as boomers ironically tell their children, "If everyone is jumping off a cliff going to do that?". Well the cliff is here and most are online ready to plunge to his death. They seem to be really enjoying themselves while waiting, but none of us peered over the edge and walk away. On our way we are taking a lot of shit from the line because our act of defiance challenges the prevailing mindset. Bottom line, you bought a shit. Your contractor installs garbage for a living. No one will take responsibility. You have to deal with it. Do not do it again. Sorry to be so blunt, but it's frustrating how many people do silly things, but probably would not if they were not so naive to think that someone will be there to protect them if they are wrong. Personal responsibility will make you a stronger, wiser, better person around. Not immediately, but in. . . . "Long-term". What to do? If you are bankrupt, studying the ceiling a bit and learn how to repair your roof and keep it going until you can afford to do something about it. Blog or whatever you can do to get your story to others. Speaking ill of Owens Corning and your contractor. Why not guarantee your roof for 30yrs? Because he knew he would not last that long and it was your first clue. All the best

– Learn how to repair or replace missing or broken roof shingles yourself.

Updated: February 25, 2014 — 1:58 am
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