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I live in a row house with a flat roof. I had Direct TV and the technician made 2 or 3 attempts to get a line of sight to the southwest, finally found it. However, poorly covered watermarks previous drilling and filtered on my roof and mold formed. I tore the sheet of drywall out. I'm looking for the best way to repair the holes. I read of silicone rubber or roofing cement, do not join and winter escapes (this may be what happened). What should I do, I'd go all out and redo the silver in a large patch. Besides, I'd rather do it myself instead of hiring a professional ($ $). But if necessary, I would. I'm afraid, 'd try to sell me a new roof. Thanks, some extra touches, is a rubber roof. We currently have the top covered with silver. I live in Philadelphia, so it can be very hot, easpecially ceiling, but I can also get real cold. Snow too. Not sure if that matters, but I thought I'd mention. It is quite warm now, though, and I'm thinking I'm going to do the job this weekend, when it is essentially 50 -. What is your roof made? Rubber Roofs can and do not have "black cat" tar roof used on them. They make a special patch roof roofing rubber works in all conditions. Putty works for small holes, do a clearcaulk is good up to 10 degrees F. It is sold at Ace and True Value hardware stores. If it is a roof of asphalt and tar roofing then it is best to use. You can assign any type of roof, it's a matter of using the correct materials and bonding agent.

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