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Need to know how to install as metal tile roofing and what is the approximate cost of materials. If it helps, the square footage of the house is 1350. From what I can tell … Please look for information on the roof of someone who is not trying to sell anything. Metal roofing is, while not the worst of the roof is too expensive-most of all temporary roofs. You will pay what it would cost to a natural permanent roof. Most roofing contractors only pass on information they receive from the manufacturers of the products they sell. These manufacturers offer contractors thousands and sometimes millions of dollars of potential customers to promote their products. Both asphalt and metal are lighter products. Although I always like to start on any roof with nothing more than a solid wood deck, I also hate to take full containers of toxic material to a landfill. But metal roofs depend on their bras. To gain the greatest strength of a metal roof, the locks must be in the trusses. The trusses are very hard to find tiles in most metal roofing installers and do not care anyway. I used to sell and install metal roofing and I'm still sorry. Painted Metal is based on the painting that fades quickly no matter what they tell you. Stone coated metal are the worst. They are covered in the same synthetic granules as asphalt shingles are beginning to emerge before the material even leaves the ground, exposing the cheap, thin, or zincalume galvilume which soon starts to rust and deteriorate. Metal roofs are not as bad as most other temporary roofs but all their claims are false. Your guarantees are only small print that leave customers spinning in circles, it represents a price-and they do not last a lifetime, not even close. People who are willing to put the same roof as McDonalds or Walmart (which is where those belong ceilings) at home have already acquired an unusual flavor. Although there is a natural product proven to suit every style or budget I'm sure you're already caught in the metal. Just in case, however, I have included links to material for roofs REAL. As I said, it's a shame, but metal roofs not keep their promises. Why is everyone being in the lie? 3/4 of the current demand for materials for roofs in the U.S. Is the repair of the roof. The next time someone makes a claim on any roof, have them take you to the roof they are talking about. More often than not, these roofs do not even exist. How can a company of two or even twenty years old roof 50yr you claim? Where is the proof? I can take you to a slate roof two hundred years old, even a clay roof four hundred years old that I swear that I missed in yesterday. I can also take a metal roof for two years that you would swear was put on twenty years ago. So where oh where is this, still performing, still lookin good, 50yr old metal roof? Where is? I talked about it all the time when I was selling metal (sorry), but I've never seen one. The problem is probably not be there to find out and manufactuters is expecting this. Many cities where I live will not allow metal roofs on homes, neighborhoods and devaluing. Please look around. You can get much more for your money, including peace of mind. I know that being responsible is extremely unpopular, but the rewards are priceless. Good luck. By the way, if you are stuck on the look you considered copper or zinc? Edit – – 22 hours ago Delete Source (s): I'm a natural permanent roofing contractor, here's a clip of my work

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