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I’m wondering if I should become an electrician or plumber. I’m asking any workers out there of their opinion, eg. How much you get paid, how easy the work is etc. I might go into plumbing because I got told is simpler but im also thinking of going into electricity becasue the knowledge I gain from it could be used for something better. Essentially — I am a U. S. Licensed master plumber by trade. I own my own business. In order to become successful you need a vast knowledge of different disciplines, therefore where you begin is not as important as where you are going or want to be. A lot of your answers are obviously being given by our British brethren, and when I lived there the primadonna mindset of the electricians would drive anyone crazy in the construction business, however here to become a master of the plumbing trade you must be capable of designing and installing systems for anything from a house to a hospital and it is the most respected of all the trades so for you out there who believes plumbing is for the “:not so brite” go change another lite bulb. As for you young man it’s about the journey, and plumbing is a difficult, hard, rewarding and respected trade. Go back and look into the cholera epidemics in London a few hundred years, all because of insufficient plumbing. In the U. S. The plumbers have a motto “The plumber protects the health of the nation” the respect comes by itself. If on the other hand you want a clean primadonna trade become a sparky.

Shannon from shows you how to cut copper plumbing pipes and solder copper pipes together with an elbow joint.

Updated: May 5, 2014 — 1:36 pm
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