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We had a fake ugly ceiling in our kitchen we took down to make the highest ceiling. However, when we did we realized that all the plumbing is really exposed and departure from one of the ceiling above the cabinets. Most have to do is take the pipe is above the height ceililng right now is about 6 inches below. How much does it cost (approx) to move these tubes to about 6 inchres So they are no longer visible? And the do it yourself job. Basically plumbing … Moving up in the original roof space may involve cutting the rafters – which usually is not a good idea, if what we are discussing here is actually a drain line. The necessary cuts in beams of a leak could be large enough to weaken the beams – not a good idea. I would call a plumber to advise you if you should even consider moving up the pipe in the original roof space. Remember to check references and use a contract before actually having any work performed by any contractor. Another possibility would be to move the pipe back into the soffit space in closets, or building a new deck on the pipe where it is at. This could extend around the perhymeter room to give the final effect of a roof 'lifted', complemented with different paint colors, or texture, or even any kind of lighting. Not having actually seen the room in question, actually I can not suggest an 'ideal' approach just throw all general options. Most importantly, and this mostly involve more cost and labor can move full plumbing, and if necessary, what is causing it. If this is just a vent line, a drain in the room itself, you can choose to simply run it directly an outside wall, if that's an option, or inside of the outer wall, through the ceiling. I would not advise running the water lines placed on an outside wall, because of the possibility of freezing during cold weather. I always suggest to keep the water lines on the interior walls. If you need more specific information or suggestions, we need more information from you. You can post a link to your photo or email them, along with details on what line goes to and from, etc. Have Fun

Shannon from showing how to cut copper pipes and copper tubes welded together with an elbow joint.

Updated: April 5, 2014 — 6:30 am
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