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Mitsubishi Air Conditioning

I have a wet passenger floor (both front and rear seats) in my 97 mitsubishi eclipse rs hardtop. This only happens when the light a / c is on (defroster / defogger and foot adjustment). I've heard it's either a hole in the heater core or hose air conditioner drain is clogged. I do not think the heater core because the heat works well and there is no smell of coolant in the car, and when I remove the carpet to dry no color to it. The fan makes a strange kind of rubbing noise when the heat is on, but do not think its related. Does anyone know where the drain hose a / c is on this car as I try to unclog with a wire or hose. I thought I was in the car, but could not find anything. Thanks "drain hose" no drain plug, sorry. Basically … The drain hose for air conditioning evaporator is located on the passenger side firewall up a long way behind the axle. Jack the car and search it. You need compressed air to blow the drain elbow. The rubbing noise is probably leaves trapped in the cage fan squirrel fan motor. Drop a blower motor on the passenger side under the dash.

Updated: February 23, 2014 — 12:25 am
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