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. After looking around, I learned – Personally, I love to paint my house and do it often. These are the steps I took: First, tape off everything from nothing. (Unless the paint too, then taped to the wall first, Prhyme and paint the baseboards, door frames, chair rail moldings etc, allow the paint to dry and cure then proceeding). I like to use the blue tape, but be sure to polish down well especially baseboards, chair rails, moldings or around doors, because if not, you can get the leak. Second, the foil of anything you do not want to be painted. This includes window treatments and flooring, furniture, railings, etc. I mostly try to move all the furniture into the center of the room or remove it completely from the living'm painting. Third, fill all the holes in the wall with spackel, let it dry and then sand until smooth. If you are painting a dark color, has stains on the walls or the ghost art (this is where when taken on an image, you still see a dark square in the art once was), I recommend using prhymer a stain blocking, as Zinser. Not only clears blemishes, but it can also save its upper layers also layer. Next do all the detail work, called cutting in. I call this funny because I'm thorough. Use a quality brush to paint along those baseboards, around the openings of the cabinet door openings, chair rails, ceiling or crown moldings and corners if you change colors. Allow to dry and back on it with the actual color you are using if prhymed, or a second layer of color if you did not. Now comes the real fun, roll on roll in color. Use a W formation in small 4 x 4 areas, ensuring good coverage obtained. I have textured walls in my house that create bubbles so use two coats of paint to make sure I do not have white or old color coming through. You can, of course, simply touch those areas while the first coat is dry, if you have a good coverage of the first layer. A couple of tips, if it takes more than a day to paint, you can cover the paint in the tray with plastic wrap overnight. You can also do the same with the brush and stick it in the refrigerator overnight. Let thaw in the morning and you do not get stiff bristle brush and ruined. You save on cleaning, too. Combine all the gallons of paint together in a large 5 gallon bucket, because sometimes the colorist not get exactly the same color in each gallon. Get one with the lid so that it can cover overnight and subsequent storage. I also like to use these guide rollers so you can use paint right of that nature. But, I use trays and liners for detail work because I can throw them away and I have to clean the tray, but also because it is easier to maneuver around the trays to make the cut ins. If you have high ceilings or intends to paint the ceiling, get one of those telescopic poles to attach to the roller, you really saved the neck and energy it takes to raise and lower the ladder. Finally, keep a damp towel handy to wipe out blunders that happen inevitable. Good luck, have fun and be proud that you are doing to yourself.

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