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My 1 year old corgi can be very destructive at times, especially when it is exercised. The outside of my house was painted little, and almost everything is painted, including a tube of foam insulation and some tape to cover up something. The tube is toast, it broke into pieces. He has been tearing pieces of tape wad painted for a while and leaving shreds by the yard. This is not a big deal for our house, but I could be getting enough house paint in the process hurt? Not much to chew on it, just start it off, so do not think that a lot of downs. By the way the paint is all dry. I was so happy to find this – House paint is non-toxic these days, but the pieces are ingesting things that could be dangerous It's time to put pen to him, and left a space between it and the house, what he can not eat chunks of it. And of course, you know why he is doing this, do some exercise … What's in the house and eating Corgis? Once I was offered a Corgi award after she had done great damage to his breeder's house, eating asbestos shingles side. . Wow.

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Updated: February 10, 2014 — 8:29 am
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