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We recently moved into a new house. . The interior walls are rough and have not softened; in some areas there are water soaked large discolored spots; and there is a creamy pink paint applied throughout, the house is big enough. . . How much would the cost of smoothing and paint job? We can not afford the huge costs right now. . . Think you can do it by ourselves without the expensive labor ('coz we are willing 2 spend our time n energy to it.) … Help ASAP … "Non Smoothened" I mean no walls have been cast – its cement only approximate. . And for some reason the paint is applied directly to the surface. You know what I found? Yes, good ole elbow grease and a paint that is made specifically for these conditions. Try www. DIY. Com or www. HomeDepot. Com or www. Lowes. Com. Buy paintings in paint stores that have been matched for as little as $ 5. 00 per gallon. Mix and match to suit your needs. $ 100. $ 00 will get you enough for all your house painting.

John Burbidge, author of "watching paint dry" shows how to spray paint the exterior of your home and get professional results. Visit

Updated: April 18, 2014 — 2:48 am
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