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I own a new home. Having a house with 6 years old, fairly new. I am in Seattle, it rains a lot. When should I paint the exterior in general? Wait until the paint is peeling? How much to do about (my house is about 2,200 square feet)? I appreciate your thanks. I was so happy to find this – Of course. Do not wait until the paint starts peeling or chipping .. This is begging for a job that is not cost efficient. Nor is what makes a good job .. When the paint starts to peel, you will see some places and some have not yet begun to peel, but will loose in Neath. Therefore it is subject to having the new paint on these "weak" areas start peeling sometimes in a matter of months … And also. The paint on your house is not peeling. You do NOT have to use a pressure prhymer then .. Just wash and get the chalk dust out of her latex .. Today not need 2 days drying time, or a whole day .. If you have a good sunny day and start painting you Willo be fine. Latex paint can be sprayed water on it within 2 to 3 hours .. It was dry to the touch in 1-2 hours with ease. So do not be afraid at all .. In the Seattle area house a 2200 square feet floor should run about 4,000. 00 for painting, decoration material contractor if the house is all carpet. Hip roofs with brick structure will be cheaper, and also the type of windows and exterior doors are another factor, will be one or two toned colors. Two Tone be around 400. 00 .. A higher factor trees inthe way, is what they need, etc. Are a factor also cut on price .. If you send me and pictures of all sides. Get close-ups so you can see the state you are in. Include pics windows and doors. Tell me what brand of paint you prefer (not very cheap sawmill waste), even if you have a paint store name tag. . To paint shops are thier second line paintings are delivered. Not the same as people think. . And the color samples are not consistent. . And tell me if you want one or two tones. Then I'll be happy to email back and take a more excact price. . The cheapest price is not always the best. I've seen the custom home builders reject the estimates in the paint because the price is too low. Grave. They know they are skeptical of too low a price for that lack of experience of the contractor bidding he notes. And it will end up with a job instead of a cheap good deed. . There is an old saying. "If you pay peanuts you get monkeys" and send me email and I'll help you out here. Attach photos. .

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Updated: March 23, 2014 — 12:01 am
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