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Hello friends I really need help choosing the right color to paint the house, what color should I use and where? Thanks in advance. Here is the link of the image I was happy to learn … Wow. Great house. After selling the paint and make a color style for a whole year to do is say you have to decide. But I'll give you some tips. Take your time in choosing the colors. What are the surroundings like me. E. Grass, street trees near the houses? All this must be taken into consideration. What colors do you like? What style or period of architecture applies to you? Colors can change the look in many ways. What is the primary substrate of the house? What do the rest of the surfaces consist. There are different paints for all surfaces. Before you start doing anything consult a professional paint shop reliable. Most likely offer a service that can help you with all your decisions. Most often at little or no cost.

John Burbidge, author of "watching paint dry" shows how to spray paint the exterior of your home and get professional results. Visit

Updated: February 27, 2014 — 1:44 am
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