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I'll be helping someone else expeirenced with him today and do not want anything mistake or you look like a fool. And so today I learned that … If you have painted an exterior of the house before you know it takes time and patience. I as a woman have rental property and do all my painting and have 25 years. If a new home, first prhymer is painted like the painting is done. After recommended time between prhymers and paint, start at the highest point and will be involved stairs and move the ladder when the arms can be painted as far as you can go. Keep a rag in your pocket, wear gloves, keep your brush tapped the side of the container cube / plastic is in his painting, prevents waste and dripping paint everywhere. Just dip the brush in the middle of bristles. Once the brush has the perfect amount loaded on it, it will be easy. . You'll get the hang of it pretty fast. . Make sure the ladder is securely without wobbling. Also, if he was given a bucket to begin with, you need a shovel / stick for stirring well up and down, around and around until combined and smooth. I keep a bucket of extra weight strapped to my Lite ladder on top of easy access (I tie it on with a plastic bag) with an extra brush and a plastic bag extra extra compartment Lite weight to wrap my brush in to prevent drying while I move my ladder. If your repainting a house, you may have to scrape the old paint is peeling and sometimes may have to use a piece of sandpaper. Useful if you are going to a dollar store and get a tool called a 3-in-one tool, ($ 2 -. $ 3 00) has a rubber handle and the tool has a sharp point at one end and the knife as the flat edge to scrape the old paint. I keep 2 or 3 of these handy when painting. Painting for me is like a hobby or art-you gotta love it or hate it, but it is a job that lets you work alone and is good therapy to mind for me. When you have to stop painting for lunch or bathroom, use one of these very small grocery bags to wrap the brush wet and will not dry out or you have to clean the brush and start again. It is very important that you wash your brushes every night when the painting is done for the day and I mean really wash with mild detergent and water or paint removal / cleaning if it is an oil based paint. (Yuck). I only use and buy the Purdy brushes and have mostly all size more extras. They are expensive, but they hold lots of paint and is easy to apply. Good luck, rest assured that it will be beautiful and you will get the credit.

John Burbidge, author of "watching paint dry" shows how pressure-wash a house before painting. Visit. . .

Updated: February 21, 2014 — 7:03 am
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