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I'm a good painter, but I have never painted exterior. . It is basic? Only the right paint and roller and brush to detail? Or do I need a special gun or special equipment to take on this task? I want to paint the exterior of my house, but I'm not sure if I can use a roller and, or is similar to interior painting. Please help me, thanks. I think I found an answer. Yes, you can paint the exterior of your home. What tools you will use will depend on what type of exterior you have, and your comfort level with working tools. If you siding out for example. . A roller will not do a lot of good. . At the time of cut on the edges, not much left. . You might as well go ahead and use the brush to finish it off. A paint sprayer can make quick work of the actual painting, but requires more preparation work. If you live in an area with a light breeze all the time, you will have to build a wind shield around the wall you are painting. The height is another consideration. How are you going to reach the highest parts of your home? Escalera? Scaffolding? Bucket? I dare not suggest anyone use a ladder, especially if you are not used to working one. . It's all to easy to fall. If you have the space at home to drive a car powered scaffold platform or bucket truck, then that would be ideal. If space travel around the house is a problem, then I suggest renting a scaffold. Do not forget to prepare the surface itself. . Lave, if possible, and then scrape off loose paint chips. Prhyme when necessary. Have Fun

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Updated: April 16, 2014 — 6:53 am
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