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My house is on one level, stucco and vinyl siding. I was thinking of using the roller for stucco and spray coating. What is also first pint of the day before or the last? Thank you. Basically … From top to bottom – which is the way of painting a house. After scraping and priming, putty, etc.. You want to paint the eve first – paint does drip and dropped into stucco siding or down, not to mention the ladder marks on fresh paint. Latex paint does not play well. The stucco is an acrylic painting by GOOD – vinyl could be tricky. Make sure it is clean and I would use a prhymer acrylic adhesive (ask your paint dealer, not Wall Mart) and finish with two coats of acrylic. I would stay away from dark colors, dark absorbs more heat, causing the coating to expand then contract alternately cause stress to the painting that leads to failure. (In other words, the vinyl can be difficult to paint and guarantee years) prhymer amulsabond thin paint to promote adhesion and let the paint dry and cure a few days before masking over it with blue or green tape to prepare for spraying.

When painting a house exterior can enhance the value of your home in a couple of weeks. The process is not really difficult – if. . .

Updated: April 7, 2014 — 7:03 am
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