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Hello I'm about to start painting the outside of my house and I'm covering a dark color with a lighter one. Is it better to put 2 undercoats and 1 Upper layer or background layer 1 and 2 topcoats, or 2 of each? Does anyone know what the pros would. Essentially – Exterior: A bottom layer and two layers of brightness. Inside, two Prhymer undercoat and gloss, undercoat and gloss serve different purposes. Prhymer is shiny surfaces is thin, it absorbs into the substrate to obtain a control, but does not serve to hold the elements. There are also specialized prhymers to problems, difficult or dense surfaces such as MDF, ceramic surfaces, friable. You only need to detect Prhyme where you have taken the paint to bare wood. The inner layer is part of the preparation. The old shine is hard, dense and glossy. If you put new shine (another hard dense layer) directly on top would be (A) be prone to chipping off, and (b) do not adhere well to the old brightness. The inner layer is like putting a non-slip rubber mat between two hard shiny surfaces of old and new shine. It also acts as a shock absorber. Gloss – is, of course, designed to withstand the elements, but not grip well or old nude gloss wood. Therefore you need the previous layers. In the decoration of the university we were taught that sin was a virtual implementation of two new layers of brightness (without undercoat between) and the second will not join correctly the first time. There is one exception to this, however, is that if you apply a second coat of gloss in 24 hours or less of the former. That is because although the first layer has dried is tactile, has not fully hardened, and therefore is still pulling air and create suction. Aspiration of the first layer of incompletely hardened pull in the second layer and unite as one. Do not put two coats of oil-based gloss on the same day, however, as it is too soon. Common sense says that since no one is hitting their outside windows with a vacuum which is sufficient inner layer and two layers of gloss and protection from the elements will be beneficial and its second layer probably get somewhere where it was the first layer a little thinner and will fly for the first time in the coming years and thus extend the maintenance cycle. The interiors usually makes sense to apply two coats for your shock quality, but little sense applying a second brightness of the elements. Usually you can not trust brightness delete an old dark color, and you may want to add a second inner layer just to clear the dark color. After that you can still put one or two layers of brightness as you see fit. Worth buying Dulux "trade" Weathershield undercoat and gloss that has more pigment. It's more expensive, but nothing compared to the costs of labor and maintenance cycle will be extended. The best would be Sikkens paint Onol (inner layer) and Rubbol (brightness). For anyone who might need to go to a commercial decorators merchant. Please note that apart from the problem of dark color, is quite acceptable to put an inner layer and a gloss. I just have told her where to put additional energy if desired.

When painting a house exterior can enhance the value of your home in a couple of weeks. The process is not really difficult – if. . .

Updated: April 3, 2014 — 1:33 am
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