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Do you have pain from upholstery or the main part first? (Our setting is white, light brown house) When a paint sprayer is always neccessary to cover the windows with plastic, or close reach sufficient (we would use a brush around the edges) are used. What I discovered was – I would prefer to mist areas light brown first, which is the larger areas. If you use a narrow tip of your spray pattern you can use large pieces. Thin cardboard stand against the upholstery, windows, etc. As you work your spray pattern against them. Start at the top and work down so you do not have to worry about putting their ladders against the fresh paint. Do not let sit idel sprayer, be prepared to put in two fifty-eight gallons of paint per session. Be sure caulk first. Use a putty good painters. A good paint job starts with a good caulking job, especially around the front door. No gob of putty, but use a thin bead, dip the tip of your finger and smooth the putty immediately by running a wet fingertip coat putty – have some clean rags handy. Cut to fit with a roll on the flats and brush the band edges. Again starting at the top. You do not have to use the new roller brushes or wash if you stop, simply wrap the roll (leave it in the car) in an old plastic K-Mart, Lowes sack. Wrap around tight to keep air out, do the same with his brushes. Do not allow the sprayer sitting more than 1 hour. Get all the supplies ready to go – I do not like helping someone to do a job and we spent half the morning, stopping supplies. Take your time to do a good job.

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Updated: March 28, 2014 — 4:47 am
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