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I'm painting the outside of my house with exterior paint WEATHERBEATER bought at Sears. I went to Sears to buy a couple of gallons of paint in the color I'm using to paint my house. Well sears said they were out WEATHERBEATER exterior paint and will not be asking for more until spring, does anyone know where I can get WEATHERBEATER exterior paint in the color of my choice online. I would find a place where I can order the paint WEATHERBEATER in color I'm painting my house. Does anyone know of a site like this. I have to finish painting house before it starts to rain. Well, I have the answer here. Ask the paint department manager. If they would do a special order. You say that you need to finish before it rains, I assume you live in a climate that does not feel cold. If that is the case than you can paint with a paint exterior of 35 degrees for most of the winter and less sunny days. Most latexs latexs 20 yr and most valued paintings are 35 degrees. Worse case senario is that you have to wait until spring is just weeks away and not a lifetime away. Bare wood or other external parties can last until then, they will not rot. I have seen wood that was bare for 15-20 years and was still viable. The next time you go to a real paint store that will give you full serve and usually have enough stock available.

Updated: March 6, 2014 — 12:08 pm
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