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How to paint the exterior of the house. From what I can tell … Pressure wash and scrape / sand / paint brush debris. Seal surface with a sealant designed to seal Prhyme and pointed surfaces. Paint from top to bottom. These are just high-level rules of thumb. Factors such as the condition of the existing paint (wood, siding, stucco, etc.), location, play a role in determining the right solution. The best option is to either clarify your question here with details that include the state near fresh or salt water or no water, state of the existing paint, the type of material the house is made of, etc. Or, take this information and an open mind to a local paint store. Cheap paint does not equate to a low-cost labor. Often the cheap paint requires more hands than quality paint to cover the same area. Usually, you save time and money by purchasing as good quality as you can afford.

John Burbidge, author of "watching paint dry" shows how pressure-wash a house before painting. Visit. . .

Updated: March 1, 2014 — 4:42 am
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