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I am replacing the roof of my house, and I am having a very difficult time, I was waiting for sum help from all of you. Also need help to choose the color of the wood around my house, the house is composed mainly of orange brick. Please help me. I was so happy to find this – is orange dark orange brick color? What kind and what color roof you have put in your home? I would choose a lighter color for the trim, maybe a cream to come out better against the brick. Then for the roof has to decide whether to match trim or brick. If it is mostly brick and then try to match the roof to fit, but is mostly of wood and then try to match the roof with brick. So you have some contrast to the house. I have an old wooden house. I painted the house of a cactus cream with green trim and had a metal roof put cream color. The cream really makes my home look brighter and bigger and green trim color dissolves between the house and roof. The tin roof cream is cooler in the summer because it does not remove heat as a dark color will do. (I live in Texas, where summer is very hot) When finished painting my house, which started gray with white trim and a roof of black tiles, had dozens of people tell me how good it looks and did not realize it was so big. The highest praise came when people stopped to ask me colors and a dozen different houses in this small town of 1,200 were painted with the same colors as mine. So find out what colors you like and enjoy your "new" home.

Updated: February 9, 2014 — 4:27 am
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