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Well okay I got home today and it was extremel;y hot in my house and the ac was on, I checked the unit or whatevers its called, I pulled off the panel and all the coils were frozen, I shut it off and let it thaw, it blew out cold air for an hour and froze over again and stopped. What should I do. I was happy to learn… First of all turn off the outside unit and leave the inside blower motor running. Next change your air filter. In about an hour, lower your thermostat setting and place the t-stat on cool and auto. Monitor the out door and inside coils. Should you observe any icing , shut it off and call a licensed service company. A loss of air flow across the evap (inside coil will cause a unit to freeze up. This can be due to a dirty air filter, it may be a bad blower motor or it could be caused by the system being too low on refrigerant.

Recharging a central air refrigerant involves hooking up the gauges and taking accurate temperature reads, but it also requires an EPA certification. Find ou. . .

Updated: May 12, 2014 — 11:25 am
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