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PLEASE HELP. I am looking to fix my air conditioner. For cheap. But it has freon in it so that's all I need to repair it. Could someone tell me a location in the city center, toronto where air conditioners repaired for cheap?. Thank youu. After talking with others on the web, I found the answer. Hmmm. . I think the sale was virtually banned freon back in the mid to late 1990 when all the fuss about CFC (chlorofluorocarbons) was going on. Is this an air conditioned car? This is another thread elsewhere. . MACs Using CFC Can I still use Freon 12 in the air conditioner in my car? After January 1, 2002, no person may fill an air conditioning system of a motor vehicle with any refrigerant containing chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs including Freon or R-12). This measure is the prohibition of recharge, not a prohibition of use. This means that when you need refrigerant is added to your system (usually because of a leak or repair), you have to convert your air conditioner to run on alternative, more environmentally friendly refrigerant. Alternatively, you may be able to stop using or have your air conditioning system of your vehicle removed. What is it if I decide to turn the air conditioner in my car? Conversion is expected to cost the average motorist about $ 320 Ontario, or about the same as the repair of the leak and fill it with the original refrigerant. Since the price of CFC refrigerants is increasing, this conversion is profitable and will pay off in the long run. How I can know what type of refrigerant being used in my car? Vehicles manufactured before the end of 1995 may have air conditioning units containing a refrigerant (based on chlorofluorocarbons) CFC. A label under the hood or inside the driver's door must identify the refrigerant used.

Condtioner Air Repair Louisville | Performance Solutions Home | Call (502) 749-4969 show how to check the coils and look for a short to ground If l. . .

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